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Environmental Technician-Field Lead(s)

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Environmental Technician-Field Lead(s) in Aski Reclamation

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 We are hiring:

Environmental Technician-Field Lead(s)

Aski Reclamation LP continues to grow and is seeking enthusiastic environmentalists to join our team!

Position description

The Environmental Technician (ET)-Field Lead is part of Aski's Technical and Field Delivery group. Acting under the direction of the Project Coordinator, the ET is responsible for the field execution of projects and associated data reporting and analysis. Our environmental technicians may gain exposure to projects under our three service portfolios: environmental, remediation, and reclamation services.

Examples of projects include aquatic and fisheries assessments, biophysical assessments, wildlife programs, erosion and sediment control execution, bioengineering, environmental monitoring, and reclamation.  

Work Environment

The ET works in various settings, including remote natural locations, industrial sites, mines, offices, labs, and a range of assessment locations. A typical environmental technician day starts by preparing field activities and traveling to field locations to assess and collect a wide range of data.  During this work, the ET may be required to hike, drive all-terrain vehicles (ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles), collect environmental data from aquatic and terrestrial settings, and perform data collection duties requiring a high level of physical fitness and the capacity to operate safely in remote environments.

Major Duties

Duties vary depending on project assignment, but the following list includes typical job duties that an ET may perform:

In the field

  • Design methodologies for environmental sampling and analysis
  • Lead field monitoring programs, investigations, and inspections
  • Initiate environmental monitoring and compliance activities
  • Gather water, soil, or air samples to assess environmental conditions
  • Measure field characteristics, properties, composition of soils, water systems, and biological systems
  • Carrying out field analyses to determine environmental conditions
  • Perform chemical, physical, and biological tests on water, soil, and air samples, document results
  • Perform ecological assessments and partake in site reclamation activities
  • Implement quality control and quality assurance protocols for field data collection
  • Audit and calibrate instrumentation equipment
  • Operate light and heavy equipment, including performing maintenance and repairs
  • Arrange for the proper disposal of waste and other hazardous materials
  • Develop reports for QEP sign-off and management plans for clients and governing bodies
  • Assess environmental compliance on natural resource and industrial sites
  • Compile, manage, and interpret environmental data, and compose technical reports
  • Explain and interpret regulations and procedures for environmental compliance

 Field Lead

Our field leads assume additional responsibilities:

  • Relay project and environmental issues to management; provide proactive updates
  • Oversee Junior Environmental Technicians; provide feedback, mentorship, direction, and support
  • Lead in safety and compliance standards
  • Play a key role in conservation and protection efforts
  • Work in close cooperation with Project Coordinators and assist with project and equipment logistics to ensure efficient project execution and safety of field team
  • Support duties such as maintenance, design drafting, implementation, repairs, and troubleshooting
  • Perform follow-up assessments and data collection, to draft feedback reports on field operations to circulate back to the environmental scientist
  • Working on professional development opportunities such as exploring pathways to become a certified technician, or a project coordinator


In the office

  • Doing paperwork and analyzing data for reporting
  • Consulting operating manuals and researching new technology
  • Communicating on the phone and in meetings with internal staff and others as directed
  • Reviewing technical documents to ensure their completeness and adherence to requirements
  • Researching applicable regulations and compliance requirements
  • Enter timesheets weekly
  • Attends scheduled meetings

Education and Skills

A technical diploma in environmental science and/or a combination of relevant work experience and qualifications; preference given to those with an undergraduate degree in environmental sciences or relevant area of expertise.

Skills to help you succeed in this role include:

  • Data collection and entry; an eye for detail
  • Leadership, mentorship
  • Teamwork
  • Organizational Skills
  • Ability to work independently
  • Oral and written communication
  • Physical Stamina

 How to apply

If you are interested in joining our team, please submit your resume to

Aski Reclamation LP

Aski Reclamation holds many various jobs in different industries, and offers ample opportunity to learn restoration techniques and practices. Seasonally, Aski Reclamation holds a number of short term contracts and seasonal field opportunities including installation of native plants, willow stakin...

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