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Community Workforce Accommodation Advisor

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Community Workforce Accommodation Advisor in Aski Reclamation

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General Information

Aski Reclamation LP, a Saulteau First Nations owned company is pleased to work with Coastal GasLink to support the Community Workforce Accommodation Advisor (CWAA) Program. CGL works with participating Indigenous communities to strengthen relationships by facilitating and supporting a positive workforce accommodation experience for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities along the project route.

Program Objectives:

The CWAA Program provides opportunities for Indigenous participation in workforce accommodation activities within the traditional territory for the purposes of:

  • Hosting programming opportunities which enrich the lives of all workforce residents

  • Researching and sharing of information supporting resident wellness

  • Creating opportunities of cross-cultural sharing. Promoting understanding and respect for all residents within and around the accommodations

    Program Values:

  • Safety is our priority; safety of our workers and the community in which we work in

  • Understanding and respecting the community we live and work in

  • Promoting a culture of neighbourly mindset among the workforce

  • Promoting transparency between Indigenous communities and the Coastal GasLink Project

    Position description

    Reporting to the CWAA Coordinator, the CWA Advisor will reside on-site, planning, implementing, recording, and reporting on workforce accommodation activities in their traditional territory, to both the Project Team and their Indigenous community.

    Work Environment

    Resides in Workforce Accommodation- The successful applicant will live in workforce accommodations for up to two weeks at a time. Transportation to and from workforce accommodation is provided. The Advisor will be a consistent face at the camp to support the workforce.

    CWA Advisor Responsibilities

    Below is a list of tasks that the CWA Advisors will perform. This is not a comprehensive list, and it may transform as the program is implemented.

  • Coordinating, planning, implementing, and promoting events, workshops, contests, challenges etc.

  • Reports on program participation and feedback

  • Analyzes the demand of programing, and based on demand, provides feedback on programing needs

  • Organizing community activities (tours, volunteering, guide outfitting)

  • Educational programing (financial literacy, wellness, cultural awareness)

  • Recreational opportunities (fitness, organized sporting activities)

  • Representing and sharing their community values and interests with workforce residents

  • Cultural awareness opportunities using various mediums such as art, newsletter, presentations, etc.

  • Reporting to and interfacing between the Project Team and the Indigenous community, including weekly reporting

  • Identifies opportunities and gaps

  • Shares successes and upcoming plans

    Requirements - Skills

    Ambassador - Models respectable, healthy behavior at all times
    While in workforce accommodations, remains drug and alcohol free 24 hours per day for the full duration of the rotation.

    Knowledge - Understands Indigenous values, culture, and history
    The Advisor will represent the community and their values and interests.

    Awareness - Interested in the impacts and opportunities of workforce accommodation activities The Advisor must be invested in making the experience in camps a positive one for all.

    Work ethic - Self-motivated, works continuously towards successful outcomes
    The Advisor must be a self-starter and be able to manage their time, as they will have to work independently.

    Strong Communicator - Ability to write and speak well
    The Advisor will communicate with everyone in a respectful manner and be an active listener.

    Detail Orientated - Ability to grasp and pay attention to details
    The Advisor will be asked to plan and promote events, as well as fill out reports on their activities.

    Commitment to Quality - Takes pride in their work and strives for excellence
    The Advisor will work independently, and therefore, needs to be self-motivating and committed to the success of the program.

    Requirements - Abilities

    Proactive Thinking - Ability to evaluate the future implications of current decisions and actions.

    The Advisor may find themselves in situations where they need to correctly identify the issue and challenges of a situation and understand the next steps that need to be taken to resolve the issues. For example, if a worker knocks on the door of an Advisor, the Advisor must be able to understand the necessary next steps (i.e., Assess the situation, understand who to call, is it an emergency or is the person homesick?)

Responsible/ Self Starter - Takes initiative and takes charge of situations.

The Advisor will be working independently and cannot always wait for direction on what to do. They will need to be able to understand the program’s objectives, connect with the necessary individuals and make good decisions.

Flexibility/Adaptability - Adjusts quickly to changing situations; copes effectively with complexity and change.

The Advisor may be called upon at any time during the day. They will need to be flexible to meet the needs of various situations.

Team Player - Has excellent verbal communication and collaboration skills and can work with all levels and functional areas of an organization

The Advisor must understand that the success of the program is dependent on everyone working towards the common goal of safety and respect. We are all one team.

Outgoing and Friendly - Confidently engages with the workforce, Prime Contractor, and various members of the Project Team at various points of the day. Success will be impeded if the Advisor is shy. Advisors should be comfortable walking up to anyone and communicating their role and the purpose of the program.

Fun - understands the importance of team bonding and creates an open and social workspace.


Pass a Drug and Alcohol test The Advisor will need to past the Drug and Alcohol test prior to being officially onboarded to the position

Computer skills The Advisor will need the ability to use of Microsoft Office suite regularly and proficiently in this role


Advisors do not counsel others; listening and connecting to outside resources are the only options. By standing back and letting the professionals handle difficult matters, we avoid over-stepping boundaries and the scope of the CWA Advisor role.

Advisors do not direct others on how to do their work; by bringing matters of concern back to the CWAA team we work collaboratively at identifying and solving problems.

How to apply

If you are interested in becoming a CWA Advisor, please submit your cover letter and resume to

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